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Chinese Army Knife

 I wont call this a Swiss Army Knife - Cos it's not ! ( Charmy Knife ? )




 If you look real close , you may notice that the images used in the add are Victorinox .  Yeah that sort of makes the add fraud I guess . Butt !!!!   Since I knew what I was buying and got exactly what I wanted , I was not defrauded . Maybe a shame about everyone else ?  So . bottom line . Buying this knife is a lot like wiping your ass with a $10 dollar bill .

 So why the hell would I want one ?  Around 10 years ago I got one to see how bad they were and it was bad . Every component was soft enough to be bent with your fingers and quite frankly it was just dangerously soft . I think after about 30 minutes of ownership and having bent most of the featured items , I threw that knife if the rubbish bin . I was on FeeBay and I kind of wondered if they were still as bad as back about a decade ago ?  This one is not that bad .

A) I think I can bend most of the attachments with my fingers

B) Main blade is bent wavy like

C) Almost everything is a slop fit

D) Main blade rolled the edge at or before I had done 30 slices of rope

E) If your looking for a throw away ( use it till it breaks ) , then sure . Pop it in the trunk of your car and forget about it till you need it . Or break it .

 Does this knife serve any real function besides being cheap and soft ?   Well , I'm about to throw it in the trunk of my car and forget about it . While I remember , there is a flashlight there that might need looking at .. Been maybe 5 years ?  I should check it at the same time .   No I don't recommend this knife , just buy $10 worth of toilet paper and be happy .