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 I saw this knife on YouTube , seems a lot of people were crowing about how good this knife was . Every review I saw opinionated this knife to a very high standard and that's where we have a problem . Opinion regarding how a knife looks and feels does not make for a good knife .  What makes a knife good is performance , or better still performance for dollars .  ( Value for money )

  Lets say you paid $50 for a knife that cuts rope 400+ times before you start to lose the edge . $50 divided by 400 would be $0.125 per slice of rope . Now imagine having a knife with a value index of $1.5 per slice of rope and that's what we have with the Brother knife , very poor value for money . Nothing like a dose of reality , right ?

 Brother 1502G -  The knife is really well bolted together , the blade has good tension with no slop . The only thing besides the blade steel that can be complained about are the sharp edges on the handle / grip . The knife really does look and feel good ! 

 Blade Steel -  You can really tell a lot about the blade steel when you sharpen the knife . And my diamond sharpener really ate this steel , I mean it bit it so hard !  The only way I can describe this steel is buttery ! The question begs , was the blade even hardened ?  30 slices of rope in my book is bottom of the barrel performance . I can only say it would be hard , to do worse !  ( Really Hard )

  Final Thoughts - It might be in my personal opinion best to avoid this one !  ( Sorry for sharing my opinion - But that's how it is )