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 180 Grit 22 degree guided edge - 150 slices of rope .

 This is my go to edge and it simply fails to perform . Sharpening the TS123 , the steel did feel really soft . The 180 grit diamond ate the steel like a hungry man eats a sandwich . I have to be honest and say I really did feel disappointed at this point ,  I had no plans to put an edge on this knife with the whetstone grinder , but at this point I felt I had nothing to lose .  



 Whetstone Grinder / Knife Sharpener Edge


  I just don't know what to say ?  

A) This edge is rough and not paper friendly at all , on other things though !  Flesh / cardboard / rope and such , it is very slicy dicey . I have accidently , lightly brushed a finger against this edge and there was no escape . The result was a sliced finger .

B) It is some what subjective - Paper cut test - when a fresh edge cuts paper so poorly !  How do you call it ? 

C) That's why I put it on video , that way the viewer can call it where ever they like .

D) I got to 600 slices . Yeah , that's crazy . Especially when the steel is so soft .  I am going to test that grind profile on another knife ( CH3509 )

E) I actually did change the grind profile from what I normally do , so that will need re testing with another knife .


 TwoSun TS123 -

  It did perform very ordinary on the factory edge and my go to 180 grit diamond cut 22deg edge . I have another TwoSun ready to rock N roll with the old ground edge and what I might do is after testing it , switch over to this new grind profile and see what's ?

 The TS123 .  Simply feels great / Looks great / great walk and talk / nothing to complain about except the edge profile having a dip in it .  Was it some one falling asleep at the grinder or is it supposed to be that way ?  ( Don't like it )

 If I had to score the TS123 on everything but the blade , I would call it at 9/10 . The blade is a bit of a question mark . It did not respond to a traditional edge at all and only seemed to work with an experimental grind profile off the whetstone grinder .  Oh dear oh dear ! 

Guided Knife Sharpener / 180 grit 22 degree ( 800 grit de bur )

 At 150 slices , this is simply a failing mark for M390 . What was the cause for this failure ?  The knife was sharp , there was no bur and the edge did not roll . And the steel did feel rather soft when sharpening  .  Certainly I would call the knife bad if I had stopped here .   On decent D2 this edge has done 450 .


 More Edge Testing

 So it looks like this knife just really liked the Whetstone Grinder / Knife Sharpener . I put the same / similar edge on my disappointing CH3509 and it was still seriously disappointing . ( 100 FAIL ) Interesting !   I guess it pays to try more than one way of putting down an edge .