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TwoSun TS09




 Let me count the ways , this knife is disappointing ! Me thinks the most important is the lack of performance . The blade steel is not particularly hard , my diamond bit into it rather easily .  And the edge holding is only average at best , ranging from 150 to 200 depending on the edge given to the knife .

 Whetstone grinder - A very average 150

 180 grit diamond cut , guided knife sharpener @ 22 degrees - 200

 800 grit edge @ 22 deg - 150


  I like how sturdy this knife is ( why I bought it ) , I don't like how much the knife hurts the hand holding it . The handle needs to be de horned / beveled and seriously softened . Or you can wear gloves when you use it .

  If my sample is the norm (?) Then I would recommend a hard pass on this one .