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 With so much to do about TwoSun on the internet and youtube I thought some one had to actually test the knife rather than just crow how good the knives are . Because to me the knife is only as good as the blade steel it's made from . If the blade steel is rubbish then quite simply the knife is rubbish and if no one actually tests the blade steel ? How do you actually know if the knife is good or not ? ( Actually you don't ) .

 What is there to complain about the TS89 ?  Simply nothing !  Sorry everyone , there is nothing to complain about .  The knife has walk N talk , feels good in the hand and is bolted together straight . So all that's left to talk about is the blade steel .

D2 Tools Steel - Well that's what the blade is supposed to be made off . ( Supposedly )

 And after putting the factory edge to the rope , I believe it ! The blade returned some 450 slices for a fail . This is very much where decent D2 lives cutting rope . I am really happy that the blade is decent , as TwoSun has been a little bit of a rollercoaster ride for me . My TS09 is supposedly D2 and to this day the best result is a very ordinary 250 , This being it's best result to date , the worst being a 150 .   

 When the Chinese knife makers get into the swing of QUALITY CONTROL , then perhaps more people will be guaranteed a decent knife . But until that day comes , Chinese made knives will remain a lottery - You might win / Or you might lose !  And unless you bother to test the knife you purchased , I guess you can be happy ignorant of the truth . That truth thing can be a real bitch slap in the face some times ! 

 So having said all that , I guess my TS89 is a wining lottery ticket . Yay me !