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What can I say ? 

Walk and talk is great

Fit and finish is great

Fantastic snap / no slop or play to speak off .

My one complaint , there is plenty of space in the grip , so why skimp on the main blade ?  They could have put more steel on it !


 Supposedly , this knife is D2 .  Unfortunately I saw no sign of this .

No I did not do a metallurgy test , I only sharpened it and cut rope .  Decent D2 will run in the 400 rope slicing range .  Rubbish D2 will cut a lot less . This one cut rope 100 times to record a fail . Not once but twice .

D2 ?  , If it is D2 ? .  It really is poorly made D2 , if it actually is D2 ?

If how a knife feels and looks is important to you , you might want one . How ever if performance counts , then ?  There are better $10 knives out there .