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No Name DC53 Knife


 Lets start right away with the claim for DC53 steel , DC53 is a premium tool steel supposedly twice as good as D2 . Don't take my word for it , Google it . Here is the claim for DC53 ....

Higher hardness (62-64 HRc) than D2 after heat treatment.
Twice the toughness of D2 with superior wear resistance.
Substantially higher fatigue strength compared to D2.
Smaller primary carbides than D2 protect the die from chipping and cracking.
Secondary refining process (DLF) reduces impurities.
Machines and grinds up to 40% faster than D2.
Less residual stress after wire EDMing.


 Those are some serious claims for DC53 . So let me get right to the rope cutting , this knife did some 200 slices . Now for the money paid with free shipping to Oz I paid a little under $45 bananas . With the same edge my Civivi Dogma did some 60 slices @ a retail price of $125 bananas . Ok , this no name knife is more than twice as good as the Dog Civivi , but bare in mind the Civivi is a Dog . ( over priced rubbish )  This no name knife is returning reasonable performance for the price and in no way would I claim excellent value for money , no no no . 45 divided by 200 = $0.225 per slice . ( Value index )

 This no name DC53 has equaled low level D2 territory or high level Cr/Mov territory , which quite frankly offers no bragging rights for DC53 steel ( supposedly ) . Also the design of the knife is irritating . What I mean by that is that the knife is seriously uncomfortable in the hand . Everything is finished to such a sharp edge , even the steel liners are sharp enough to slice skin . This knife will need serious de horning to become useful , rather than a pain in the hand . If I had to give this knife a score , it would be about 5 out of 10 . Just too much to complain about .