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  I had to buy a 940 clone . It is in hind sight , overpriced and seriously average . I have seen claims for the blade steel to be CrMov - 440 - D2 and the rubbish printed on the blade . I can believe CrMov or 440 , but I cant for a moment believe D2 or something else that might be printed on the blade .

 Fidget Knife - This I like , it fidgets just fine . Just way to expensive for a fidget toy .

 Factory Edge - 50 slices of rope ( This is rubbish )

 Whetstone grinder Edge - 150 slice fail .  CrMov / 440 range of performance .

 Guided Knife Sharpener Edge - 20 degrees , cut with 180 grit diamond . The steel was SOFT and I mean really soft , like buttery !   100 slice fail . 

 If I could only go back into the past for a month and tell myself the winning lottery numbers - Oh and not to buy this knife ! 

 It has walk N talk , fidgets real nice , but the blade steel is soft and performance is at the low end of average .