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    S30V Steel : CPM S30V is considered a premium grade knife steel. It is so expensive that it strongly affects the price of the knife, and is largely used in higher-end production and custom knives. Buck Knives calls it "the absolute best blade steel available". Joe Talmadge claims it might be the ultimate high-end all-around stainless steel, due to high performance coupled with easier machinability and sharpenability than the other steels in this class . ( Quote : From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia )

 Is this knife S30V : I really don't think so . The steel is way soft to be S30V , even way soft to be D2 . Was sourced from China , so I would say its a fair sizzle of the sausage that this knife is a fake .  Keeping in mind what I paid for it , I would say the knife is a reasonable buy .

Things to complain about :

A) Axis lock was poorly done - needed hand fitting to work correctly

B) Bushings poorly fitted - needed hand fitting to work correctly

C) ......  We will see


Edge Holding :

 The factory edge was sharp , but inconsistently so . So the decision was made to put the knife to the whetstone grinder / knife sharpener for a new edge . The grinder sure does put down a very rough edge , video includes some USB microscope video of the edge . Anyways , I got 150 slices of rope from that edge . This is very average performance in the scheme of things . ( Still better than my Civivi Dogma which cost much more $$ ) The factory grind was one of the better ones I have seen recently , quite surprising really . Though the steel does not seem that tough or hard . I have put a guided 180 grit diamond cut edge on the 535 and I will cut rope again as I start doing some edge testing . ( Testing edges )

 Should you buy one ?  That's for you to decide . I wanted one to cut rope with ! ( Simple as that )