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  That's right , my brother has been buying flashlights again . This time it's the Nitecore EA45S and I have to say I think his taste in flashlights has seriously improved .   




Visit the nitecore website and check out the specs , I am not going to bother repeating them here . In a nutshell what we have here is a 4xAA flashlight with a Cree XP-L emitter and 5 brightness levels as well as 3 blinky modes ( SOS , Fast Strobe and Beacon ) . So just in case you have to , you can access the blinky modes by holding down the mode button until the light begins it's flashy mode . To change flashy modes just hold down the mode button again ( continuous ) until the new mode begins .  And if you tire of the blinky modes just do a single press of the mode button and you are back to the original mode ( light level you began with ) .


 To change modes one only has to push the mode button once .. And I haven't mentioned yet that this is a two button light ? , top button is for modes and the lower button is the on off .   I have to say the EA45S is a lot more compact than I originally thought it would be and it does not feel that much larger in the hand than a P60 host . Obviously the EA45S is larger than a P60 , but also what is important is how the light feels in the hand ( in use quite possibly ) . 


 I popped in some Alkaline batteries into the EA45S and put some nimh on the charger and I do like the performance on Alkaline . But I can't see any difference between High and Turbo with the Alkaline , so very much look forward to seeing if the nimh can impress in Turbo . But lets get some output figures  . 


Alkaline :


Moon or Ultra Low = 1 Lumen

Low = 27 Lumen

Medium = 205 Lumen

High = 300+ Lumen ( Output was sagging rather quickly - Possibly due to the batteries )

Turbo = As above


Eneloops @ 1.28v ( Stored for several months ) :


Moon = 1L

Low = 27L

Medium = 205L

High = 455L ( And holding )

Turbo = 965L ( And dropping )


Nimh @ 1.4v off the Charger ( rested ) :


Moon = 1L

Low = 27L

Medium = 205L

High = 455L

Turbo = 836L ( Not Eneloops )


 Some very interesting results for sure , especially in Turbo mode as it looks like Turbo is very much tied to battery performance . Now lets check out the current draw .


Alkaline :


Moon = 0.01A

Low = 0.06A

Medium = 0.43A

High = 0.75A and dropping

Turbo = ?  As above


Eneloops :


Moon = 0.01A

Low = 0.06A

Medium = 0.36A

High = 0.96A

Turbo = 2.26A


Please remember all figures given are what I was able to measure .. 


I have to say that the Nitecore does impress and does so using AA batteries . Not really having anything negative to say I can in all honesty recommend the EA45S to anyone looking for a decent LED flashlight . This is not the cheapest flashlight money can buy but GB had a very nice discount going and that made the Nitecore a seriously good buy . And last I looked the deal was still on .  Am I tempted to buy this light ? , yes I am unfortunately I spent some Ozzi Banana on pocket knives and I sort of have a few flashlights already . ( A few )  But then if a was in the market for a new AA flashlight , the Nitecore EA45S would be at the top of my shopping list .