The Coleman Report



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 My brother decided to buy some Coleman lights , so that gives me the opportunity to give them a quick look over and possibly some feedback to you guys should you be looking to buy . Now the most outstanding feature has to be the battery lock out . One has to twist the head anti clock wise which reveals a red anodized ring ( body ) which shows you that you are in the battery lock out mode . Obviously this is to stop accidental activation and or any power drain when not in use ( Storage possibly ) .

 Both lights are dual mode ( High - Low ) and for a lot of people that is probably enough . What I don't really care for that much is that you need to cycle through both modes to turn the light on or off ( ok you could cheat and just twist the head to turn the light on or off ) .  Speaking of twisting the head , if you turn the light on and twist off , and you twist back on ( the light turns back on ) . So the switch does not apparently reset .  ( Mechanical ? )

 Anyhow , both lights do push out a lot of light and make earlier LED attempts look weak in comparison . It is really good to see mainstream manufacturers ( Flashlight ) finally produce lights that are powerful and run AA batteries as well being available to the masses VIA the local supermarket .   Both lights come with batteries and unfortunately lack some sort of comprehensive instructions .


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 250 Lumen 2xAA :

 I thought the 250 Lumen to be a very optimistic claim , and as I write this I don't know yet how close that claim is to tested results . I will how ever say that this light is very well made , build quality looks to be excellent . The very first thing my brother complained about ?  He didn't like how smooth the body is , ok it is a little on the slippery side . The lack of a surface that offers grip is very noticeable . Apart from that this does seem to be a very good flash light . So perhaps its time for some test results .  


Current draw was measured @ 1.8Amp - The two mode switch is built into the tailcap so I can't measure low current draw .  ( Sorry Folks ) Anyhow , 1.8Amp @ 3v or so is around 5.4watts .

So what did I measure at the light box , about 350 Lumen ..  ( 350 ...... )  I thought something might be wrong ,, So I pulled out a few other flashlights of known performance and the light box checked out ok ...   ( 350 .... )

Oh right , low mode ....  30 Lumen in low mode ( just in case you were wondering )


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700 Lumen 6xAA :

 Now everything I said about the 250 2xAA holds true for the 700L 6xAA . The build quality is excellent , the body is smooth and slippery . In fact it's just a larger version that pumps more light . Due to the design , there are two rows of 3xAA batteries and some connectors to allow power to flow .. I'm just wondering if I can get a current measurement ?

Sorry , its a no go ..  It is a ruther funny arangement and I don't wan't to kill the light ( It's my brothers ...)

So here is measured output :

On high I measured 850 Lumens ( there seems to be a lot of sag on high )

In fact I think it started @ 900L and within about 10 seconds was down to 850L and continuing to go down in output . Perhaps not the greatest heatsinking going on ? 

In low mode I measured some 100L , which is not that low really ..


Last Word :


 The 2xAA ( 250L ) certainly seemed to impress . The 700L 6xAA did not impress me that much . I really don't get impressed these days by lights that suffer output sag . ( I think the 700L has cooled off enough to try a 60 second run )

60 second sag test = 950L Start with the light nice and cool , after 30 seconds it was down to 830L and then for the other 30 seconds slowly sagged to 800L .  950 start and after 60 seconds it was @ 800L  . So the light output did stabilize some what after 30 seconds but there was that 120L loss in those 30 seconds .  I would rather see a little less output ( designed ) and a lot less output sag . 

Anyhow Coleman has produced some very interesting flashlights for the mass consumer market and I have to say that the offerings are relatively good . I hope that Coleman will continue to research and develop their flashlight technology so as to improve the product and hopefully have something that can compete with what is already in the market place .

  What really impresses me about both these lights is that they use AA batteries rather than Li-ion . And this is what modern LED lights need is a more readily available power source that does not require enthusiast level involvement . Just pop in some AA and go light something up without worry .