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I just love small AAA multimode lights , so when GearBest sent me some advertising VIA email I could not believe the price they were selling the Jetbeam Jet-u for . Sorry guys it was one of those email only specials , but the price was so low , and with my GB points the price was crazy low . I literally got the Jet-u for the price of one of those super cheap eBay AA jobs that stop working after a few minutes of use . 

The Jet-u is relatively small , light weight , and just so smooth to use and the build quality is just pure Jetbeam . If you have never owned a Jetbeam then the Jet-u might be your taste of serious build quality . Priced from about $15 to $20 this is a lot of light for the money , and it pays to keep an eye out for specials . ( I saw it for $10 just now when I looked )

Let me get this out of the way right now , I have nothing to complain about in regards to build quality and finish , the Jet-u is typical Jetbeam quality . And just in case you didn't know already , this is a AAA 3 mode twisty ( change modes by twisting the body ) with mode memory . Modes are :

Low - Medium - High / Medium - High - Low / High - Low - Medium

Depending on what mode you last used , as it has mode memory then you will start in the last used mode .


Performance :

Results  = What I was able to measure ! ( Understand ? )  Fresh Alkaline battery .

Low = 0.01A ( 3 Lumen = Measured )

Medium = 0.11A ( 31 Lumen Measured )

High = From 1.26A to 1.31A ( 155 Lumen Measured )


Last Word :


Another seriously good AAA multimode twisty . Now the only weakness this little light has is the slightly too soft clip . Yeah there just had to be something right , the clip is made of steel that is a little on the soft side . This is not the end of the world but it kind of takes some of the icing of the cake . But when you consider the price that this light goes for its probably a non issue ( possibly ) . For the price I paid its definitely a non issue , but for you guys , well I thought it worth mentioning , especially if you plan on relying on the clip . 

 Now if I have to give this light a score its 9 out of 10 , ( - 1 for the soft clip ) .