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1st video is daytime video , + shows the rotating head ..

2nd video is night time video ..

3rd video is WDR on VS off

4th video is PAL VS NTSC

5th video is stock settings and its very overcast ( dark )


TV mode , to me it seem like NTSC is sharper than PAL ...
Definately the cam runs a little dark in low light situations , and bumping up the EV to +1/3 looks to have helped , though it does brighten the video somewhat in Sunlight .
Speaking of sunlight , the cam looks to handle direct sunlight rather well ..
Night time video , is very average ..
The Audio on this cam is Good , and I would say above average ...
The rotating head , allowing for out the side viewing is certainly interesting , and I would say you would want to carefully locate the cam to take advantage of the feature ..
The mount , is very much the same as the A118c ( interchangeable ) ...

Now this cam does feature GPS ( OF some sort ) ...
The best I could do using the GPS antenna / receiver from the A118c was to have some green text on screen showing speed .. As near as I could tell there was no data recording ..
I have contacted the manufacturer about what GPS antenna / receiver to use with the c10s but have heard nothing to date ...

Speaking of the A118c GPS antenna / receiver , its not a good fit for the c10s as it took quite a bit of fiddling to get any sort of function at all ( finding the sweat spot with the plug ) ..
It does not look like the A118c GPS antenna / receiver is designed to function with the c10s .
Gearbest does sell 2 GPS antenna , but they do appear to be for the A118c ( Good prices by the way , I should buy one )

C10s The good :

1080FHD @ 30FPS
Head rotates from side to side so you can video at 90deg 
The Audio is good
Uses the same mount as the A118c
Good video quality

C10s The not so good :

Night time video is not so good
The micro SD card can not be pushed in with fingers , I needed to use a pen so as to be able to push deep enough to seat the Micro SD card correctly
The cam is a little on the larger side , its not huge , but definitely does not qualify as stealthy .
GPS , yeah ! What is happening with the GPS ( The cam does feature GPS )

For the price , this is a very decent cam , it features quite a bit of stuff ..
If you want a rotating head ( camera ) , good audio , good quality video , then check out the C10s , ....

Honestly , I like this cam , and if there is a matching GPS antenna / receiver then I would like it even more ... Do I have to give it a score ? -1 for the Micro SD card , -1 for the very average night time video , and -1 for the (?) GPS , that leaves us with 7 out of 10 .. That would be 8 out of ten if there is a matching GPS antenna out there some where . I know what your thinking , what about the size , and I say thats neither here nor there .. I have 4 cams in my front window and the C10s does not stand out any more than my other cams ..