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Cam  Reviews

Ok the 3rd Dashcam came today ( where is the 2nd ? ) ... 

This one was $25USD from Ebay 

What we have here is another budget dash camera ( Whats its name ? GT300 or something ) 

Video capture is 1920 x 1080 @ 30FPS 

I set the camera to 1 minute segments , and the join is seamless ( amazing for such a cheap camera ) 

Number plates are still hard to see , but video quality is up .

Also the camera handles light a lot better but there is significant flare when pointed toward the sun , or bright reflection ( Its a cheap camera ) 

Sorry , I didnt do audio this time around ..

I minute = 150MB or there abouts , so a 16GB card is good for ?? maybe 100 minutes , so compression is not brilliant .