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Cam  Reviews


This is my 4th budget camera test/review ...

Ok what I dont like about the G1W-c 

1. The focus is still too close to the camera , it needs to be further out , like maybe 10 - 15 meters , not 2 or 3 meters as it seems to be now .
2. The case is cheap and nasty 
3. The mount , where the camera attaches to the suction cup window mount , is flimsy 
4. Video is not seamless - if cheaper cameras can do it ? 

What I like , it has a capacitor rather than a battery 

Well , so many crow about the G1W series of dash cameras , I guess the folks who get one that has decent video quality 
Im about to pull the cam out of my car and see If I cant adjust the focus a little ...

For $50USD , Im not impressed ...

I pulled the camera apart and tweaked the lens focus :

Well that looks a lot better ...  But you should not have to re-focus , it should be correct from the factory .