V3 Action cam  

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V3 Action Cam from GB ....

Now the first thing I did was charge the battery , the second thing was to take some video at the default setting of 1080 @ 60FPS ... The video blew chunks at this setting . ( Low IQ )

Holly cow Batman ! What the parking lot is going on ?
I pulled the front cover off the cam , then removed the lens ring that covers the lens .. ( both snap on and off )

After about an hour of playing with the lens focus , I was back to almost where I started ... ( ?? )
I then re-assembled the front of the cam .

Went outside and started to play with the different video recording settings . I actually recorded footage at all settings to see what the parking lot was going on . Seems the V3 does not like higher frame rates .
Both 60FPS and 120FPS resulted in some serious loss in IQ ...
You will have to excuse me as I now go edit some video samples .





  Tweaked the focus a little more ..

Here is another sampler ...
720 , 1080 , 1520 , 2160 @ 30fps
You tube upload @ 1440





  Some road footage ... @ 2.7k





  Road footage @ 4k





  Lets see ...
Cam does not like higher frame rates ( Higher than 30fps )
Anything bellow 2.7k , there is a noticeable loss of IQ
@ 4K there seems to be a fair bit of noise , 25% of the screen to the left and right resulting in IQ loss .
Lots of settings to play with , Time laps , slow motion ...
Is this a serious action cam = Probably not .
Is this a good cam = Probably not
Is it a horrible cam = Possibly not .
Would I buy this cam again = Probably not .
What about the video footage on Youtube , ( Yeah how about that ? ) There has been phony baloney footage posted on youtube before , and ??
This cam cost me $48 Ozzi bananas , can you buy a decent action cam for around $50 ? I don't know . If you watch the video samples I have posted , you will see this cam is a little on the funky side ( NQR - not quite right )
Would I recommend the V3 NQR , not really ...... 
What about other budget Action Cams = ??


 @ 4k and 2.7 k this cam is producing acceptable video quality for the price paid ( $48 Australian ) . It does have lots of options , unfortunately there is something NQR ( not quite right ) with this cam . The some what serious IQ loss at higher frame rates could be a deal breaker for some . I think we have to keep perspective here , for around $50 or in this case under $50 we are still pretty much in Toy Territory . ( Price wise )